When we started thinking about opening a studio, we realized that while there are many great spaces and teachers in Denver (and around the country) yet we found ourselves traveling far and wide to tap into those teachers and spaces that we felt truly elevated the practice and challenged us to be better people and global citizens. It occurred to us that if we could create a space that brought those components into one place, and could also deliver a high quality, thoughtful, intentional and challenging class Every. Single. Time. We might just be on to something special.

As a studio, we choose to acknowledge our bias – both implicit and explicit. We believe that privilege is a force multiplier. It has the ability to corrupt, inspire greed, create fear and drive scarcity. It can also be used to remove the barriers that divide and oppress us. Yoga has become a practice of the privileged, but we are committed to strengthening our community by actively working to make our space and yoga more accessible. We do this both with the most accessible prices in Denver and with a pristine space that is free from culturally appropriated images, symbols or merchandise.

BBY’s teachers, students, and the neighborhood we live in are all integral to who we are and how we exist within the larger yoga community. Walking in to a class at BBY, whether it is your first time or your 500th, should be a special, welcoming, challenging and completely unpretentious experience. Our goal is to help you connect to the grit you already have inside of you and the grace that we believe we could all benefit from extending to ourselves and each other.

Strengthen: You will find your power in our space. You will grow stronger in physical body, mental focus, and connection to your breath. You will develop deep and meaningful relationships with your fellow yogis, teachers and your practice. We are also committed to strengthening this community by actively working to make our space and yoga available to every. single. body.

Connection: BBY provides a place to connect to yourself. We will encourage you to connect to your breath, your body, mind, spirit and the world around you. BBY will also ask that challenge you to ask yourself how you think about the world and we hope to encourage you to step outside of your current belief systems and be willing to address your internal and implicit biases - about your own body, your own limitations, and your role and responsibility in the world.

Engagement: You will be challenged to engage physically, mentally and spiritually in every single class in some way. We will also encourage you to engage with your neighbors and the community around you.

Every class and each teacher at BBY not only embody these ideals but also, we each strive to show up with our truest selves every single time. It is this commitment to authenticity that allows us to be connected and engaged to our truest selves which, in turn, helps us support our students as they find their truest selves.

As a team of teachers, we are a tight knit group, committed to growing our practice and our studio community. Just like our yoga, we are a work in progress, a journey. Our experience as teachers, facilitators, guides, and as a studio is evolving. We believe in always learning, always growing and always challenging ourselves.

This means embracing the valleys and the peaks, it means we explore our biases, question the way things have always been done, examine our habits and struggles and that we are committed to becoming familiar with that space outside of our own comfort zone. We value feedback, constructive and complementary and we honor each other’s differences, style and experiences because after all, isn’t that what makes life so special? In some ways, it becomes clear that our differences are truly the only thing that unite us.

We EmbracE Different Perspectives

Our life experiences, beliefs and values shape who we are and how we interact in the world. For example, my life lens is from the point of view of a white woman of privilege born and raised in Colorado and as the studio owner, means that I regularly question my responsibility to and for issues like gentrification, racism, advocacy and activism. As a yogi, it means I strive to be aware of how my actions affect other people and what it means to truly embrace and work toward inclusivity. As a mother, it means I feel a responsibility to raise a kind, brave, and mindful child.

We all have bias. As a studio and teachers, we do our best to be aware of the bias we bring to our interactions and experiences. This - just like our yoga practice - is evolving. It takes practice, a willingness and commitment to try and view things from a different lens than our own.

We respect and value the experiences that make each of us who we are, honoring that we likely haven’t lived that experience and so are committed to finding ways to discuss, embrace and possibly even grow through those ideas that may challenge us.

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