Ever find yourself wishing you could spend all day, every day, at Better Buzz in the yoga studio? Us too. While spending all our time thinking, dreaming, and doing yoga may not be a tangible reality for most of us, don’t fear: The Better Buzz Yoga Blog is here.


Our mission in this space is simple: to continue to build a strong sense of community both in the studio - on the mat and out of the studio - off the mat. Because, let’s be honest . . . how many times a day do you find yourself thinking “Damn. I really need some yoga”? The Better Buzz Yoga Blog is here for those moments. The moments spent waiting for it to be time to head to the yoga studio to take class. The moments spent at the office or on the job when you just need a brain break. The moments you need a little inspiration or pick-me-up. For these moments, and all those in between, the Better Buzz Yoga Blog has your back.

We’ll be sharing everything from tips on cultivating a meditation practice, to mindfulness tools and tricks, to badass playlists (be sure to find and follow us on Spotify @Better Buzz Yoga), to the occasional silliness (because, who doesn’t like to laugh?), and a little bit of everything in between.

Just as we are a community yoga studio, we want to cultivate a sense of community here in this virtual space as well. We’ll be featuring biographies of different teachers and our community members, and sharing community events going down in Denver and Sunnyside, all with the aim of coming together to celebrate each other, and of course, yoga.

Is there an element of yoga you are curious about or itching to delve deeper into? Maybe a great yoga book, an artist, musician, or wellness tip you’d like to share with your fellow yogis and yoginis? Give us a shout! Send us an email at and lett us know if there’s a story, event, idea, or topic you’d like to share, or that you’d like us to explore.

Yoga has an uncanny knack for bringing people together, and we are eternally grateful to our community for helping us shape and create the culture at Better Buzz Yoga. We can’t wait to see how the Better Buzz Yoga Blog grows and evolves alongside our little Sunnyside studio.

Without further ado, welcome to the Better Buzz Yoga Blog.