Another new year! The year flew by, right? Although 2017 felt like a flash, after reflecting on the last 365 days of my life, I realize a lot happened; challenges, triumphs, and major changes. I moved to two different states, most recently cohabitating with my boyfriend, Eric, here in Denver. Each of those moves involved a hefty road trip with most of my things piled into our hatchback, including our Irish Terrier Bronson. While seemingly constantly on the move, I hardly had the time to practice yoga, let alone belong to a yoga studio. I met some really interesting people throughout the year; all with something to offer and learn from. Many friends have stayed close despite the distance; some have not. My biggest shift in 2017 was taking a step back from my career in professional ballet in order to explore new opportunities and embark on a new career.

Change is inevitable, and essential to our personal growth. We have all experienced change in 2017, and will surely see more in 2018. Although I was lucky that my life changes were self-chosen and ultimately steps forward, these transitions were still unstable and uncomfortable. The feeling of being in flux and in an unknown spot in our lives throws us off. Throughout all of these major life changes, I had phases where I lost my sense of self and felt directionless. It’s during those times that finding a constant, something stable and grounded, was and is essential. It’s during those times of instability that yoga becomes such a useful tool; it offers a sense of regularity, security and belonging.

Stepping onto my mat feels like home. No pressures, zero judgment of myself; just complete acceptance of my decisions, my body, my life, right now, no matter my situation. My world can feel like it’s spinning in chaos, and my mat offers the calm eye of the storm. All that’s needed is the breath and body.

When I settled here in Denver a few months ago, with few friends in the area and little familiarity of the city, I found Better Buzz Yoga in my neighborhood. I felt welcomed and immediately part of a community. Meanwhile, Eric and my new house was in complete disarray- we were eating dinner picnic style on the floor each night, the twin sized air mattress was hardly big enough for two, and I was in a frenzy looking for work. But when I stepped into BBY, I felt a strong sense of home and belonging. Getting into the studio to practice yoga offered something calming, grounding, and familiar through a phase of uncertainty. Taking the time to consistently get into BBY for class helped me to re-center and appreciate all of these beautiful life changes.

So as we embark on 2018 and face all of its changes, let us remember that our yoga practice is one of our most useful tools to keep us connected to our true selves. Despite the inevitable ebb and flow of this coming year, our yoga community at Better Buzz Yoga, our regular yoga practice, our connection to our breath and body, will always be there as a calming, grounding, loving home base.