INTRODUCING: The Better Buzz Yoga Book Club (BBYBC)

We know what you may be thinking . . . A book club? In a yoga studio?

The answer is YES. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the Better Buzz Yoga Book Club (BBYBC). But, before we get into the details on the How, the When, and the Where, we’d like to first share a little bit about the Why behind the BBYBC.

The practice of yoga is rooted in the 8-Limbed Path, and the Yamas and Niyamas. One of the elements of yoga that draws us to our mats time and time again is the practice of svadhyaya. Svadhyaya, the fourth Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra, is the regular practice of self-observance, self-study, and self-reflection.

While practicing svadhyaya is something that we challenge ourselves with regularly, what we have found recently as we have embarked on the sometimes sticky work of self-study is that we are continually being brought back to one place – and that is one of examining our ingrained biases, both implicit and explicit, and how our carrying bias inadvertently shapes the world in which we exist and how we move through it. 

For us, the practice of svadhyaya has led us to examine our place in the world, how we interact with it, how we interact with others, and how our bias and life experiences inform how we travel through each day. 

Our honest self-reflection has allowed us not only to acknowledge our bias, but to work through it with the intention of taking meaningful action towards making this world a more welcoming place for all.

If this sounds like daunting work, we won’t lie to you – it can be! When we embark on svadhyaya, on true, deep, genuine, self-study, we won’t always like what we uncover. But we refuse to let that scare us away from diving into the work that we feel must be done.

Because, after all, we all have bias, which to us, speaks of another principle of our yoga journey; satya, the second Yama in Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra. Satya means truthfulness, and as practitioners, it means that we work to always assess ourselves honestly. As teachers and as a studio, we do our best to be aware of, and honest about, the bias we bring to our interactions and experiences. This – just like our yoga journey – is evolving. The BBYBC is part of this evolution.

We respect and value the experiences that make each of us who we are, honoring that we likely haven’t lived the same experiences, and are committed to finding ways to discuss, embrace, and possibly even grow through those ideas that may challenge us. 

What better way to embark on this journey than together, with community, over a good, thought-provoking, book?

We hope you’ll consider joining the BBYBC. All we ask is that participants show up with open hearts, and open minds; with a readiness to participate in thoughtful discussion; and with a willingness and commitment to try to view things from a different perspective than our own.

Our first meeting will be Saturday, September 28th from 4 – 6 PM at the studio. While we’d recommend bringing a yoga mat to sit on, we will have our props available so you can get comfy for conversation as we dive into our first book, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

You can register here, as well as at the link in our Instagram bio. The BBYBC is open to BBY members and non-members alike, so please don’t hesitate to spread the word!

When we first announced the BBYBC, we said we wanted to start a conversation that matters. We can’t for you be part of the conversation.

Join us?