Join us for the journey of a lifetime: 200-hour Better Buzz Yoga Teacher Training is coming this September - December 2018! 

Better Buzz Yoga Teacher Training (BBYTT) is a unique and comprehensive three months of study and unlike other training programs, you will have the opportunity to teach public classes almost immediately. If that sounds intimidating...that's okay! If that sounds challenging, that's the point! If that sounds exciting, it is! Our program is designed for anyone who is both interested in deepening their yoga practice and/or becoming a yoga teacher. You will become versed in the history + origins yoga while developing the ability to guide others to this practice in a unique and authentic way. You will have the opportunity for self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth while learning how to share this practice with others. At BBY, we believe in the power of connection, community and strength and as you progress through the training, you will begin to understand how these core concepts are central to who we are at BBY.

Our program will reflect the culture and style of Better Buzz Yoga (BBY) which means in addition to gaining a solid understanding of yoga philosophy, history, asana + pranayama, you will learn how to deliver (and practice) with dynamic intention. By learning how to sequence amazing + creative flows, link unusual transitions, modify postures for all bodies + adapt to changing situations on the fly, you will leave this experience with tools to create and help guide intentional, thoughtful, soulful, powerful, inspirational flow. And afterall, isn't that what the buzz of yoga is all about? 
BBYTT includes unlimited studio yoga classes at Better Buzz Yoga in Sunnyside, Denver, with any lead trainer. This allows you the opportunity to explore different styles of asana, pranayama and teaching diversity while refining your practice and finding your voice as a teacher. BBYTT is unique in that it offers qualified graduates the opportunity to teach in Denver, at Better Buzz Yoga, upon graduation, which supports graduates in gaining critical teaching experience.


You will be encouraged to express your unique skills and personal authenticity while engaging in constructive self-reflection and learning to identify areas in your own practice where you can cultivate greater awareness and understanding. Our goal is to ensure that you finish training equipped with a deep understanding of this practice and how you can teach in a way that continues to foster an environment of learning and challenge in both you and your students. 

The following areas of study will be covered in-depth + in a variety of learning environments from lectures and discussions, to hands on anatomy instruction, to practice teaching labs and consistent group yoga practices. 

In order to receive your graduation certificate you will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Attendance and full participation in all required courses
  • Completion of all homework assignments, writing projects and required reading
  • Demonstrate an embodied and integrated knowledge from the coursework
  • Pass a cumulative written exam and practical teaching exam

Required Reading List

  • The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele
  • The Alchemist by Paula Coehlo

Suggested Reading List

  • Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses by Ray Long
  • The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga by Amy Ippoliti and Taro Smith



The primary learning objectives of the in depth asana study will include:

  • A demonstrated technical understanding of the correct alignment of each asana, usage of props, and appropriate modifications.

  • A demonstrated understanding of the correct actions of the asana for optimal benefit and therapeutic effect.

  • An ability to access an inner awareness while practicing and teaching yoga asana. 

These three primary components will address the technical details of alignment, but also stages, appropriate levels and modifications, as well as a wealth of therapeutic effects of Yoga practice.


You will develop an understanding of breathing patterns in yourself and others. You will be able to properly practice, demonstrate and instruct the techniques of ujjayi, nadi shodhana, kapalabhati and bhramari. 


You will be able to instruct basic seated + guided meditation(s) and supine savasana. These are important techniques for opening and closing yoga practices and classes, as well as deepening your own practice.


You will learn chants for invocation, mantras for healing, as well as the deeper significance of Om. 


Applied anatomy is a major component of our training. It is extremely important that you gain an understanding of human anatomy and physiology as it is related to the actions and alignment of asana. You will learn how to read your own body as well as other bodies in the room. You will come to understand how the human body works within asana and how to help your students practice safely and therapeutically.

We will also cover subtle, or energetic, anatomy providing and understanding of how subtle energy forces influence our practice.


You will come to understand Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, understand the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali and be able to apply studies of the Yamas (ethical precepts) and Niyamas (personal attributes) to your own life.

We will dive into the history + lineages of yoga, the ethics of practicing and teaching yoga as well as specific sessions and assignments intended to enrich your capacity for self-reflection and personal growth.


When you complete BBYTT, you will have the tools, skills + applied knowledge to begin teaching yoga but you will also have a whole new set of tools, skills + applied knowledge that we hope you will incorporate into your life + your community.  

You will leave BBYTT with your own unique, badass, strong and vibrant teaching methodology. 

Our methods include:

  • Communication Skills + Group Dynamics 
  • Sequencing + Time Management
  • Boundaries + Inclusivity
  • Observation, Assisting, + Adjustments
  • Exploring Teaching Styles 
  • The Business of Yoga


The student-teacher ratio of our program will provide generous personal attention and mentorship. Our practicum hours exceed that of Yoga Alliance, and will provide significant time to refine your personal teaching style + skills.

Practicum hours will include:

  • Practice teaching with support and feedback from fellow participants and instructors
  • Public class observation with follow-up writing assignments