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What classes would be best for a beginner? 

We have a couple great options for you! Our Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30p class is a set, signature sequence that is the perfect blend of flow and alignment to help you become familiar with the shapes and postures. While the teacher may be different, the sequence is the same and best of all, this class is only a $5 drop-in! 

Are Better Buzz Tank Tops available for sale? 

Yes! Our tanks (and snap-back caps!) are available for purchase for just $20 each! You can buy them online and pick them up in the studio.

Do you have anywhere i can find more information about yoga? 

Check out our blog! This is a great resource for finding inspiration, learning about yogic principles and simply staying connected even when you're not physically on your mat. If you would like to be a blog contributor, let us know! We would love to hear from you! 

Where can I park? 

We have free street parking available on both sides as well as just to the east of our studio. Make a note of the street sweeping schedule on the 4th Thursday and Friday of each month, they will give you tickets! 

Heated yoga is intimidating and I'm new to the practice...

We've got you covered! Our MWF 3:30p class is tailored specifically for you and is a great place to start. You can expect a bit more guidance, a slightly slower pace and a bit lower heat. 

I would love to hear more Diversity in the music:  MC Yogi, Krishna Das, Desert Dwellers, Talvin Singh, Bluetech, World music, etc...

We love this! BBY prides ourself on our music selection but can always keep growing. We will work to incorporate a wider-variety of artists in our classes - please keep us posted on what you notice! In the meantime, here is a playlist that will be showing up in class one of these days, we hope you enjoy! 




My 30/30 expires soon, do you have any deals for membership?

We do! If you join as a member before your 30/30 ends, we will discount your first month of membership to only $65. That's a screamin' deal and we would love to see more of you! 

So, why is there a Monkey on the wall?

The bigger question is...why isn't there a monkey on your wall? Seriously though, one of the many things we love about yoga is that it helps quiet that monkey mind. This chilled out guy, jamming to some (we assume) great tunes, helps keep us present. 

Can you insert a bunch of keywords in a paragraph that will help Better Buzz show up on the front page of google?

Yes we can! Why? Because Better Buzz Yoga is Denver’s best new studio, located in Northwest Denver and serving the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Berkely, Regis, Highlands and Sloans Lake. We also love it when folks come to our heated Vinyasa flow classes from Lodo, LoHi, Rino, Westminster, Arvada, Downtown Denver and of course Aurora! Better Buzz Yoga is down to earth and loves all yogis looking for big dynamic flows at affordable prices, because we believe that Denver deserves yoga that doesn’t discriminate. Yoga, wellness and fitness belong to everyone and when you think about Denver yoga, and when you google Denver yoga, or sunnyside yoga, or Berkeley Yoga, or Highalnds Yoga, or Regis Yoga or anything that has to do with Yoga in or around the Denver area, Better Buzz Yoga should be one of the first things you see. 

It would be great if you all had An indicator that you are LGBTQ friendly.

Great suggestion! Look for this decal in our window!

Why is your yoga heated?

The benefits of FAR infrared heat are numerous. Mainly, it allows for a rigorous workout while also allowing for a bit more depth in practice. We hope you enjoy the therapeutic, light heat. 

I'm so glad you are in the neighborhood!

Us too! Sunnyside is not only the neighborhood of the studio, it is our family's neighborhood too.
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I don't have a yoga mat...

No worries! We have mats and towels available to rent for only $1!

Any plans to schedule early morning classes?

As a new studio, our schedule is evolving! We have T/TR 7a classes and W 6a classes right now but as we grow, we definitely anticipate offering other options for our early-risers. 

Can we get more events? El Jefe Tacos and Margs was awesome!

Yes! We are partnering with a number of local businesses to bring you more fun on and off the mat. Check out our Saturday morning yoga at Zuni Street Brewing and our events calendar for all the latest BBY goods! 

I am loving the heated, flow classes. Any plans to offer yin or restorative classes?

Yes! Check out our "Buzz Yin" classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7;30pm.

How do I reserve classes? 

You can check out the MindBody app to schedule and book your classes. Set up and favorite BBY by downloading the app from here